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Professional Microsuction Training in the UK & Ireland


Accredited by The British Academy of Audiology (7 CPD Points). 6.5 BSHAA points.
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We train Private and NHS audiologists, GPs, practice nurses and hearing care assistants. All professionals must be registered. Nurses must also have extensive experience in some other form of aural care; usually irrigation or dry removal before being trained in aural microsuction. The only exception made for registration is qualified Hearing Care Assistants who are registered with BSHAA. You already have a high level of expertise and knowledge. Therefore, we can spend most of the time hands on and developing the practical skills needed to complete the procedure safely, professionally, effectively and confidently.


With a maximum of four trainees, we'll work with you all day, up close and personal, so you'll gain all the confidence you need to add this to your practice immediately.


The training takes one day & we come to you and you practice on your own clients, family and friends. They trust you the most and are definitely the best ears to train on. You may also join another person or group if that's more convenient for you. No artificial ears on this course!

Microsuction Equipment

the hearing lab storeAll the equipment needed to peform microsuction procedures, and our training packages, are available to purchase at The Hearing Lab Store.


Fenton InsuranceIf you're in the audiology profession, Barry Fenton's Professional Fitting and Treatment Liability Insurance scheme is where most people go. After completing the course you can have the wording on your existing policy changed free of charge to include micro suction.

Training certificationOnly £1,861 + vat

Includes all the equipment necessary (and we really mean everything) to add this extremely beneficial service to your professional audiology practice immediately.

Or £375 + vat per person for training only

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  • "Well structured"

    "I have completed the course and can thoroughly recommend this to any hearing care professional. The course is well structured with a good balance of theory and practical, the knowledge and guidance is excellent on the range of equipment available to suit the practitioner and it's safe effective use."

    Tony Gunnell, RHAD FSHAA Technical Training

  • "Training has been superb"

    "The micro-suction training and equipment that...The Hearing Lab has supplied to Aston Hearing Services has been superb... We have also been impressed with the number and quality of leads supplied by the Ear Wax Clinic website. We would not hesitate to recommend The Hearing Lab and are very happy to talk in person to anyone considering offering this service."

    Duncan & Kate Collett-Fenson, Aston Hearing Services.

  • "Easy to understand"

    "I would like to say that the equipment and training supplied by The Hearing Lab has been very good. The training was easy to understand. The leads provided by the website have been excellent. Micro-suction has added a very useful service to my existing client base, who I used to have to send away for wax removal. I would recommend The Hearing Lab to anyone wanting to offer this service to their clients."

    Charles Syner, Sutton & Solihull Hearing.