Frequently Asked Questions

Your earwax, microsuction, irrigation and syringing questions answered.

My NHS clinic has told me that is not good for the ear to have it syringed on a regular basis. Is the same true for micro suction?

The eardrum is a very sensitive and delicate structure and to syringe an ear successfully the water and some of the wax has to hit the eardrum. With micro suction we just latch onto the wax and pull it out or if it is very soft it just gets sucked up the suction probe. Therefore micro suction can be carried out as often as is necessary.

What softening product do you recommend?

For the purposes of microsuction we would only recommend a clinically treated oil. This lubricates the canal and softens the wax just enough to get hold of it with the suction probe. Some other more aggressive treatments make it harder to remove and may inflame the ear canal.

Where are your clinics located?

We have hundreds of clinics around the UK and Ireland. Please visit our location page to find your nearest branch.

Who will be performing my treatment? clinics located?

We use fully qualified and registered audiologists, doctors, nurses and hearing care assistants. They are additionally trained by the Ear Wax Removal Clinic or other recognised bodies so to meet our exact high standards of safety and professionalism.

Previously, before having my ears syringed, the nurse asked me to treat my ears with drops of oil for at least a week. Is this still the case with micro suction?

Patients have reported to us that it is quite normal with syringing to have to pre-treat the ears for up to six weeks. Micro suction is quickest and easiest when the ear has been treated for one or two days before but usually doesn't require any oil at all.